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Artist Spotlight

Mikayla Albrecht

Posted on May. 1, 2023 by Grace Olson

Art medium: I primarily paint in digital, watercolor and acrylic mediums. Were you always interested in following a creative path? Art and the creative process have always been an important part of my life, but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to pursue them professionally until late in high school. I grew up around people READ MORE

Cassandra Ann VanDreese

Posted on Mar. 31, 2023 by Grace Olson

Art medium: Watercolor. Beginning to dabble into charcoal sketches. Were you always interested in following a creative path? I have always loved to create—mostly DIY building, home decor or kids’ crafts. Why focus on watercolor? In 2020, when the world shifted, I needed an outlet. I am a Critical  Care Nurse with three young kids READ MORE

Rachel Kmecheck

Posted on Mar. 1, 2023 by Grace Olson

Art medium: Intaglio printmaking and watercolor. Were you always interested in following a creative path? Yes, my life has always had a creative path to it. My creative path was not a straight path, but it has been a wonderful journey so far. Why a focus on medieval times? As a child, I always loved READ MORE

Hallie Beth Dix

Posted on Feb. 1, 2023 by Grace Olson

Art medium(s): Embroidery/textile art, oil/acrylic paint, charcoal, colored pencil, mural art. How do you describe your art? My art so far has mostly been an experimental process across a wide variety of mediums. Since practicing in college, I have found that embroidery is one of my favorites. In my art, I am most interested in READ MORE

Paul Salmon

Posted on Dec. 30, 2022 by Grace Olson

Art medium: Ice, more ice and occasionally wood. Were you always interested in following a creative path? Not necessarily, I actually wanted to be either a pilot, an optometrist or a meteorologist, lol. I ended up going to culinary school when I realized (working at a supper club) that I really loved to cook. How READ MORE

Kal Schimmers

  How do you describe your music? I would describe my music as heartfelt Alternative Pop. How long have you been a musician? Do you play instruments as well as sing? I have been pursuing music full time for about two years! I first started making music about 4 years ago when I first picked READ MORE

Karis Fiedler

Art medium(s): Nail Acrylic and Gel Polish How do you describe your nail art? I would describe my nail art, in its essence, as wearable art. For the majority of my life I have painted on canvas, and I have translated my artwork onto a smaller canvas that is accessible to more people. It is READ MORE

Jeff Farber

Posted on Sep. 30, 2022 by Ryan Mares

Former art teacher Jeff Farber took many of the lessons he learned during his time as a teacher to help contribute to his current work: making art out of broken video game consoles, controllers and accessories. Farber would teach during the day and repair old video game systems as a side business. As he came READ MORE

Katie Meznarich

Posted on Sep. 1, 2022 by Ryan Mares

Fox Cities resident and self-taught jewelry maker Katie Meznarich gets her motivation from how people react when they see her unique pieces created out of designer wallpaper. “People always say ‘Well, that’s different.’ That’s the reaction I want. There’s a lot of jewelry, but I want people to have something… where they say ‘This is READ MORE

Ger Xiong

Posted on Jul. 31, 2022 by Ryan Mares

UW-Whitewater alum and Hmong artist Ger Xiong loves that he can contribute to his culture with his artwork. “What I really wanted to do … was document our history within the United States with objects,” Xiong says. Using multiple mediums such as metalworking, textile work, and cross-stitching, Xiong creates pieces that describe his Hmong-American experience READ MORE