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The Place We Call Home

Dave Hall of Appleton took this photo of the Algoma lighthouse last March. “I was taking pictures of the Milky Way earlier that morning at Cave Point and the Sturgeon Bay light. I was excited to catch the sun peeking around the lighthouse as it rose,” he says. “A single picture never does a scene READ MORE

All About Mushrooms

“Mushrooms always seem like a missed opportunity in my cooking. They are a great canvas for flavor and offer a hearty, meat-like quality, yet I never showcase them much. Which kinds are your favorite to work with and how do you make them the star of a dish?” —Chloe, Kaukauna You are absolutely correct—mushrooms are READ MORE

Misty Nagan

Misty Nagan Art medium(s): Vintage silverware How do you describe your art? Upcycling vintage silverware into wearable art, as a third generation silverware artist! Were you always interested in following in your mother and grandmother’s footsteps? Oh gosh, no, I never was interested, lol. The first time my grandmother showed me her jewelry I thought READ MORE

The Place We Call Home

Posted on Feb. 1, 2022 by Grace Olson

The American white pelican has become the unofficial mascot of the Fox Cities. These striking birds nest in the area each spring and are prime photo subjects, as Appleton photographer Michael Ziemann can attest. Ziemann captured this dramatic image of the white pelicans against the dark waters of the Fox River, which is a favorite READ MORE

Jessica Dawn Engel

Rural Central Wisconsin native Jessica Dawn Engel has been focused on art from a young age. “While I may have started out as a young girl drawing in a sketchbook, my passion for art and different art mediums developed rapidly,” Engel says. “Although self-taught, my peers were quick to see my talents and I became READ MORE

Nostalgic Tuna Casserole

“Do you have a classic dish from your childhood that you make when you’re feeling nostalgic? If so, recipe please!” —Tammy, Neenah Although nothing fancy, my mother’s Tuna Casserole was always very good. Here is my rendition: 12 ounces dry egg noodles 2 tablespoons olive oil   2 tablespoons garlic, fresh and minced 8 ounces READ MORE