Archives: October 2023

“New White Steps”

Kevin Abing was hiking through 1000 Islands Environmental Center in Kaukauna while taking fall leaf photos with his iPhone. “I noticed there were new steps installed on the hillside to make it easier to hike up the hill,” he remembers. “With the color of the leaves and the beautiful new white steps, I knew it READ MORE

Brienna Pociask

Art medium(s): Paper, pencil and digital but I also enjoy acrylic and canvas! How do you describe your art? I’d describe my art style as cute, colorful and playful. I’m taking it in a couple different directions at the moment: one is greeting card art and the other is City of Neenah art! For my READ MORE

Seasoning Cast Iron

Q. “What does it mean to ‘season’ your cast iron skillet? Does it happen naturally, or do I have to do something to the pan?” —Jason, Little Chute A. Seasoning a cast iron skillet is sealing the pores of the cast iron to make a frictionless, nonstick surface for cooking. When seasoned effectively and cared READ MORE