Archives: April 2016

Perfecting rice

Q. I’ve always had trouble making perfect rice. Can you help me? — Dale, Darboy A. Well Dale, the proper rice selection and the amount of liquid used when cooking the rice play a significant role to get the perfect rice we are looking for. Sometimes, we want a rice that is light and fluffy like READ MORE


If ever there was a time in American history when thinking adults and voters — terms which should be synonymous — need to take the time to read “The Federalist Papers,” that time is now. Written at our country’s founding by three of the greatest political thinkers in modern history, is a series of 85 READ MORE

Variety and vivacity

Whether depicting plants, animals, buildings or people, Kathryn Wedge’s paintbrush brings life that is at once soft and vibrant, representational and stylized, to the canvas. With an eclectic background ranging from architecture to graphic design, Wedge melds various influences into one distinct character through her painting. “I have been doing art since I was probably READ MORE