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Bigger and Better Entertainment

Posted on Nov. 1, 2023 by Grace Olson

Shopping for TVs and Home Theaters If you’re thinking about updating your entertainment system or starting a home theater, it can feel a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of choices out there: TVs, projectors, speakers, lighting and more. It can be daunting, but professionals say the new technology they’re seeing is fun—and cost effective. READ MORE

Solar-Powered Potential

Harness the Sun’s Energy to Produce your Own Electricity  If you’re a homeowner in Northeast Wisconsin interested in the benefits of solar energy, it may not seem like the most ideal of environments for success and cost-savings—at first glance. We encounter long winters with shorter days in comparison to other areas of the country. We READ MORE

Winter is Coming!

What to Know to Keep your Home Safe While I’m writing this story in August it’s currently 88 degrees, but I—and any other lifelong Wisconites—don’t ever really forget that winter is coming. To experience four seasons is a part of the charm of living in the Midwest, but that means preparing for them too. Freezing READ MORE

Evening of Excellence

Posted on May. 1, 2023 by Grace Olson

NEW NARI Projects that Wow NorthEast Wisconsin’s National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NEW NARI) is once again celebrating National Home Improvement Month with projects that wow. But unlike other chapters, there’s a supportive twist. “Many NARI chapters have competitions. Our chapter has gone in a different direction in that we’re a very collaborative group,” READ MORE

Renovations, Rehab and Multi-Dwelling Homes

It’s the year 2023 and we in America have found ourselves coming to grips with the reality that inflation isn’t just affecting the builders, it’s affecting the livelihoods of consumers everywhere. This is causing a need for home renovations, rehabs and multi-dwelling homes. Multi-dwelling home situations can be defined as parents and in-laws moving in, READ MORE

Adding More Light to Our Lives

2023 Trends Make Interior Lighting the Focus of Any Space In our homes, lighting can be one of those things we rarely think about until we find ourselves searching for a flashlight in the dark. But lighting can have a large impact on the aesthetic of your home. Small changes in your lighting fixtures—and even READ MORE

What’s Old is IN

Posted on Feb. 1, 2023 by Grace Olson

Make a Statement with Antique and Vintage Decor You may not be familiar with the word “anemoia,” but if you’ve ever looked longingly at things or wistfully wondered about times of a past long gone, you’ve certainly experienced it. A “new and nearly unheard-of word, its meaning… is a nostalgic sense of longing for a READ MORE

Room with a View

Posted on Nov. 30, 2022 by Grace Olson

Windows Treatments to Elevate Your Space “Frame the view.” Three small words make a big impact in terms of interior design. Window treatments, which area expert Lori Burr, owner of Sew Biz Drapery and Blinds, LLC in Neenah, defines as “anything you put on a window, but not window film,” transform a space. And in READ MORE

O Christmas Tree!

Posted on Oct. 31, 2022 by Grace Olson

Local Displays Offer History and Inspiration As the famous lyrics by Ernst Anschütz say, “O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree—How lovely are thy branches.” The simple words conjure up anything but basic images. Bright colors, twinkling lights and often nostalgic ornaments fill our minds during this holiday season. The tradition of one of the most READ MORE

What’s Going on in Home Construction?

Posted on Sep. 30, 2022 by Grace Olson

Be Prepared for Consistent Change Regardless of the exact subject matter, when someone hears about the housing market or home construction this year, the consensus is almost unanimous and instantaneous: “It’s crazy right now!” For three area experts—Shannon Meyer, President of Cypress Homes in Appleton; Jodi Vandermolen, Executive Officer of the Winnegamie Home Builders Association; READ MORE