Archives: April 2011

Food for Thought 2011

Our yearly review of the dining scene. Say you want pizza… for lunch… and you’re at the office. You’re about to face a series of decisions based on one simple craving: Who serves pizza, within a reasonable distance, and do they deliver? How do you want it made and with what toppings? Then you have READ MORE

Living on the Spectrum

Misconceptions about raising children with autism. April 2 marks World Autism Awareness Day. Nationally, autism affects approximately one out of every 110 children born today and government statistics suggest the prevalence rate is increasing 10–17 percent annually. In the Fox Valley region, there are several families who are living with autism. Three of these families READ MORE

Between a Rock & a Hard Place

Inventive hardscapes prove style is but a stone’s throw away. A rolling stone may not gather any moss, but a strategically chosen, expertly laid, beautifully lit stone will certainly garner plenty of attention. With all the decisions homeowners face throughout the landscaping process, choosing stone as the “bones” for your project might just be the READ MORE