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Archives: February 2011

2011 Hot List – Top Ten

Our annual series of staff-picks is a lusty, ten-some filled with fun facts, diversions and scenes in the Fox Cities that we’re currently crushing on. It’s Valentine’s Day, after all. We couldn’t wait another year to run our full length Hot List (it last appeared in the January 2010 issue and is scheduled to run READ MORE

Kiss the Cook

Couples running restaurants put the passion in foodservice. Marriage is a recipe combining equal parts love, honor and respect, mixed with dashes of humor, dedication and patience. All delicately poured into a home and baked with personal pursuits, dreams and ambitions. As we look into the lives of married restaurant owners, we find that love READ MORE

To Have and To Home

There’s more to a floor plan than you think. Sometimes it takes a team of assorted doctors to make a diagnosis. Using several branches of a legal team may increase the chances of a client winning a case. And the forces that join to hatch a plan for a new build is equally instrumental, but READ MORE