Arts & Culture

A Community of Art

Posted on May. 31, 2024 by Grace Olson

Public Displays in the Fox Cities Art is undeniably one of the ways our community connects and fosters relationships. There’s something about the bright murals, eclectic sculptures and overall unique nature of our area’s public art that starts conversations and bonds us. Below, some of our Fox Cities’ neighborhood favorites from those in the know. READ MORE

Greetings from the Fox Cities!

Posted on Apr. 1, 2024 by Grace Olson

Local Artists Offer Cards for Every Occasion   “Are greeting cards still relevant?” I saw the above query on Google recently, and was shocked that there was any question. For me, it’s a resounding “yes!” Thankfully, the internet agrees. The answer (posted by says, “Contrary to popular belief, many young people still appreciate the sentimentality READ MORE


Posted on Feb. 29, 2024 by Grace Olson

Local Nature Beckons! With a cool 30 million followers at any given time, the #GetOutside hashtag on social media is one we can get behind. While we love the categorization of photos of the vast and often breathtaking outdoors of the world—especially the activities we’re lucky enough to partake in the wild—we have our own READ MORE

New on the Scene

Posted on Jan. 31, 2024 by Grace Olson

Event Venues For Celebrating in 2024 and Beyond It was just a few years ago when in-person get togethers were consistently being postponed and cancelled, replaced with virtual meetings and alternative plans. Enter 2024 and both grand and intimate events are back and better than ever. In the Fox Cities and surrounding area, new venues READ MORE

Artists to Watch 2024

Posted on Dec. 29, 2023 by Grace Olson

According to Merriam Webster, the essential meaning of art is “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.” It’s subjective, thought-provoking and somehow surpasses its inanimate state to be wise and moving. We’re lucky to have an abundance of such art in the Fox READ MORE

Accessible Art for All

Posted on Dec. 1, 2023 by Grace Olson

Mulva Cultural Center to Open in De Pere 
“Art is for everybody.” —Keith Haring Artist Keith Haring famously said those four words decades ago, but they’re still reverberating now, especially and most recently just a bit north of the Fox Cities in De Pere. The highly anticipated Mulva Cultural Center’s official grand opening date is READ MORE

Must-See Magic

Posted on Nov. 1, 2023 by Grace Olson

Holiday Performances Bring the Season to Life If there’s one thing that puts the masses in the mood for the holiday season—whether it’s intentional or not!—it’s music. It starts in TV commercials and on the radio early November, and soon enough finds its way into our everyday lives. We’re humming, singing along and all of READ MORE

Hometown Charms

Posted on Aug. 30, 2023 by Grace Olson

Local Souvenirs Make the Best Gifts Have you ever “played tourist” for the day? If not, I suggest it. Whether it’s exploring local parks, monuments or nature, it’s worth it to see your city—in our case the Fox Cities—through a different, perhaps more appreciative, lens. When visiting a new place, there’s almost nothing better than READ MORE

Commemorating Native American Culture

Posted on May. 31, 2023 by Grace Olson

Honoring the Past, Present and Future “Our history is a living history that has throbbed, withstood and survived many centuries of sacrifice. Now it comes forward again with strength…” —Rigoberta Menchú Tum Summer traditionally marks a season ripe for social gatherings and commemorating milestones. This year is no exception, and in fact is particularly significant READ MORE

Festivals, Fairs & Farmers Markets

Posted on May. 31, 2023 by Grace Olson

 July 3 | Festival Foods Appleton Fireworks
 Appleton Memorial Park Featuring live music from Twisted Chords and Boogie and the Yo-Yo’z, food and beverage tents. 4-11p.m, fireworks starting at approx. 9:15 p.m. Memorial Park, Appleton. 920-730-1770 July 3-4 | CommunityFest Afternoon and evening activities including live entertainment, Webfooters Water Ski Show, READ MORE