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Posted on April 1, 2024 by Grace Olson

Local Artists Offer Cards for Every Occasion  

“Are greeting cards still relevant?”

I saw the above query on Google recently, and was shocked that there was any question. For me, it’s a resounding “yes!” Thankfully, the internet agrees.

The answer (posted by says, “Contrary to popular belief, many young people still appreciate the sentimentality of physical greeting cards, valuing their tangible nature over digital counterparts.”

“We so rarely get anything in the mail that is not media or bill related. It’s a joy to give and receive,” Tina Palmer, owner of Red Door Mercantile in Neenah, agrees. “It’s an old fashioned tradition that allows the recipient to feel thought of and cared about. Adding a handwritten note inside becomes a treasure.”

“It is always such a special touch—especially in today’s climate of everything done online and on social media—to get a handmade card with a handwritten note,” Emily Heiges, owner of Copper Rock Coffee in Appleton, adds. “It shows you care and are thinking of  someone enough to take the extra time!”

Whew, my Words of Affirmation heart can rest easy.

But it’s not only the sentimental side of greeting cards that have a place in correspondence these days; there are cards for a neverending list of occasions—from the traditional birthday, sympathy and get well soon to the more recently viewed as “celebrations” like divorce, an awkward encounter or simply witty words to bring a smile to friends’ faces.

It is the thought that counts, but to push the feel-good further, sending cards with local art by local artists purchased at local shops (whew, that’s a lot of local!) makes those occasions even more special. Below, a few options:


Red Door Mercantile, Neenah

Tina Palmer, Owner

Why showcase local goods? It completes the circle of life in our community. Local goods are specialized and custom. A wonderful thing to have in a shop like ours—a destination shop and is a shop where locals as well as visitors come to find local goods. Locally made gives back to our local artists and gives them an outlet to sell their creations, which spreads the economic impact locally.

We have a whole area of the shop dedicated to “Local Love” with over 91 local community definition pillows in our repertoire as well as custom ornaments, towels, artwork, decks of cards, glasses, puzzles, location candles, greeting cards and postcards.

Local cards:
Artist: Brie Posciask of Kandidoodle 

Artist: Cool Local Guy 

Artist: Terri Leischner of Neenah Montage 

Why continue the tradition of sending greeting cards, especially those locally made? Greeting cards can make a person’s day! Locally made takes it one step further. Sent to a loved one that used to live here or is missing home, it adds nostalgia and a story. (It’s) sending a bit of home.

Are your cards seasonal? Red Door Mercantile definitely switches out our card collection seasonally. We add to our card collection for seasonal holidays and special occasions. Now it would be Mothers Day, Fathers Day and graduations.

We are constantly adding to this ever changing area. The local goods make awesome gifts. The local cards are truly mini works of art.


Blue Moon Emporium, Appleton

Jennifer Nowak,  Blue Moon Shoppe Girl and Melissa Ptacek, Blue Moon Shoppe Girl

Why showcase local goods? At Blue Moon we love to promote local creators and small businesses. It helps the local economy and supports our community. We love getting to know the artists and their stories. We then share the stories with our customers and they get to know a bit about the creators as well.

Items at Blue Moon are an eclectic mix of quality products ranging from t-shirts to self care: Jewelry to home goods. There is always something for everyone.

Local cards:
Artist: Missy Mittel is a favorite local illustrator based out of Weyauwega. She has a line of punny greeting cards called ‘Greetings from Wisco’ Missy also illustrates and authors two childrens books that we also carry.

Artist: Shar’s Zen Cards is another line we carry. Shar is located in Appleton. She uses ink and colored pencils to create her work on the beautiful cards.

Artist: Cathy Stratton, owner of Blue Moon creates many of the postcards found at Blue Moon.

Are your cards seasonal? We carry a variety of cards year-round: birthday, marriage, anniversary, baby, thank-you, retirement and blank note cards. There is a seasonal rotation, right now we are starting to get the graduation cards in.

As one of the only shops in Appleton that carries local greeting cards and postcards, we have customers from all over the world purchasing and sending them. Sharing with friends and family… “It’s Nice Here”

Copper Rock Coffee Co., Appleton

Emily Heiges, Owner

Why showcase local goods: We are a small business ourselves, so we love to bring in other local small businesses that make items that would complement our coffee shop. We want to highlight the talent that is in our area!
Copper Rock offers a myriad of local items—from food to retail. We have coffee mugs from Sunset Hill Stoneware; peanut and pistachio brittle from Sharay’s Ghana Style Brittle; maple syrup from Wichman Farms; cake pops from Celebration; bread from the Breadsmith; candles from Eclectic Candle Company; cards from Ink and Splash; bagels from Jersey Bagels; gluten free bakery from Happy Bellies; and of course Copper Rock Coffee roasted in house.

Local cards:

Artist: Ashley Mattek and husband Tyler of Ink and Splash… located right in Green Bay. Ashley Mattek is the artist and does an amazing job! She and her husband Tyler, who is my husband Bill’s cousin, own the business. Ink and Splash is also branching out with other products, so check them out online! (They) are so unique—drawn by hand and so fun and clever!

The cards run the gamut from birthday to sympathy, to thanks, and then they offer seasonal cards as well: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.

Are your cards seasonal? We do change our cards out seasonally, and Ink and Splash are in touch with us often on what we need! Right now we have a variety, including more spring styles!

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