Archives: June 2010

Taking Direction: Community Theater

While Community Theater troupes warm up each summer for a season of storytelling, the casts and companies have a tale of their own. Not until you’re seated do you begin to comprehend the true tenor of ‘community’ in Community Theater. Filing in around you are your neighbors, colleagues, librarians, dentists, doctors and youth. Once the READ MORE

Happy Hour: Hors d’oeuvres Edition

We can thank Jimmy Buffet and Alan Jackson for the legendary revelation that points out, “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.” But this notion isn’t reserved for tropical getaways or weekends in Vegas. The happiest of hours in June can be spent in Wisconsin’s lounges, outdoor patios, pubs, bars and waterfront decks. Here you can find savvy READ MORE

Shifting Gears

Outdoor cycling is a fun summer sport that is good for the human race. Be it camaraderie, confidence or competition, biking has serious perks. An activity fit for teenagers, grandparents and avid racers alike, it’s the recreation that keeps most cyclists riding. And there are health benefits, too. The cardiovascular exercise builds muscular endurance, strengthens READ MORE