Trending in Tiles: Textures, Patterns and Timeless Style

If home renovations are on your to-do list for 2024, choosing tiles to make a splash—literally in some cases—might be your ticket.

Used in homes for centuries, tiles can be used for flooring or walls, and hold both functional uses and aesthetic flair. Its ability to elevate and brighten spaces is unparalleled.

This combined with endless styles and cost options makes them top of mind for architects and designers.

It’s not just flooring and backsplashes that benefit from tiles. Experts say you can make your mark updating accent walls, fireplaces, showers, tub surrounds, mirror frames and stair risers as well.

“With tile’s durability and ability to stand the test of time, they are definitely worth investing in,” Thomas Blob, President of House of Flooring in Appleton, says. “As with any long-term design element, it’s important to do as much research as possible… there are so many possibilities with tile, the sky’s the limit.

“With all the abundant possibilities in tile, it can be difficult knowing where to start,” Blob says. “We have in house interior designers which are great at navigating the way and helping consumers achieve their desired look. Our talented installers will make your dream a reality.”

Most popular styles coming in 2024:

On walls and backsplashes: Numerous styles of subway tiles installed in various types of patterns like herringbone, offset, vertical offset, basketweave, etc.

Patterned tiles and tiled patterns: Geometric, Mediterranean or Moroccan-inspired and different shaped tiles like hexagons, circles, squiggles and more.

“In 2024, expect to see Bold Marble,” Blob says. “Black marble, as well as marble with burgundy, purple, and green tones.
“We will (also) see colors that are inspired by nature including deep blues, purples, greens, as well as warm, desert-inspired neutrals.”

Textured tiles including fluted tile, slate, mosaic, wood-look, stack stone, metal and more installed on floors and backsplashes, shower stalls, fireplaces, and even entire walls.

Wood effect tile: Wood is a classic design, but easier to damage, so a wood look tile gives the look of wood and the durability of tile.

“I find that for both bathrooms and kitchens, white is still the top choice,” Amanda Septimo, Showroom Manager at The Galleria of Tile in Kaukauna, says. “My customers are looking for clean and soft whites in their tile so it will remain neutral.

“Then they will bring in color in their accessories, this way, they don’t have to commit to a color in their tile.”

“If you want something fun but do not want to commit to using it for your kitchen backsplash or tile shower, look to your floor,” Septimo urges.

“Don’t be afraid to use color or pattern, if something is done well, it will stand the test of time and still look good 20 years from now,” Septimo says.

“For kitchen backsplashes I am seeing more interest in incorporating different shapes versus subway tile,” Septimo explains. “Some of the ones that I find my customers are looking for are pickets, square, and arabesque.”

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