Archives: July 2023

“Sun-illuminated Coneflowers”

Posted on Jul. 31, 2023 by Grace Olson

Joe Lukasik was doing yardwork in his backyard in Neenah when he had to grab his camera. “I noticed the sun illuminating the center of my Coneflowers as the petals around them were turning brown,” he says. “I grabbed my Canon camera to try to capture that last flickering hint of summer beauty as the READ MORE

Spiced Up Coffee

Posted on Jul. 31, 2023 by Grace Olson

Q. “Do you have any ideas about how to spice up my coffee in the morning? I love Starbucks but I need to pump the brakes on how often I stop!” —Rosalind, Fremont For starters, buy the best coffee you can afford. Keep in mind that you can afford any coffee for home use since READ MORE

Anne Traas Baruth

Posted on Jul. 31, 2023 by Grace Olson

Art mediums: Watercolor, pencil, colored pencil, ink, oil, acrylic, nature photography and more; studio art and illustration. How do you describe your art? My work has a strong narrative quality. I love people and nature—and telling stories! I want to bring the viewer into a special place where they can linger and be uplifted. There’s READ MORE