Archives: December 2021

The Place We Call Home

Upon waking one winter morning, Kimberly Henrickson knew she would have to leave work early to photograph the freshly fallen snow at Heckrodt Nature Preserve in Menasha. “That beauty comes and goes so quickly,” she says. “People often complain about winter, but this photo and that snowy adventure to capture the image reminds me how READ MORE

Is stainless steel superior?

“I see a lot of chefs prefer stainless steel cookware. Is it really superior? How so and how do you keep it from getting those black stains on the cook surface?” —Anthony from Kaukauna The most important aspect of any cookware is the ability to transfer heat from the heat source through the cooking vessel READ MORE

Jenna Kast

Jenna Kast has been creative and artistic since childhood, and this has inevitably led to her becoming an emotion and inspiration-driven local abstract artist. “After earning my degree in Advertising and spending years working in Marketing, I began painting again as a hobby and distraction from my anxiety issues,” Kast says. “Having been a lover READ MORE