Archives: August 2021

The Place We Call Home

September often offers our first glimpse into the fall season, as revealed in this image. Photographer Kimberly Henrickson was walking through Heckrodt Wetland Reserve in Menasha when she observed the vivid colors and various textures of the fallen leaves. “It had recently rained, and that rain had left behind beautiful droplets on this leaf,” she READ MORE

Isabella Cuomo

Art is a very personal experience for 24-year-old Appleton painter Isabella Cuomo. She got her start drawing but fell in love with painting after some trial and error. “Color mixing was really hard for me because I wasn’t taught properly until I went to school,” she says. “And then all of a sudden when I READ MORE

Best oil to cook with

“What is the best oil to cook with?” —Omar, Appleton All cooking oils have different characteristics that contribute to the finished product. While the flavor of the cooking oil is certainly an important factor, what is probably more important is the amount of heat they will tolerate during the cooking process known as their “smoke READ MORE