Archives: May 2023

“Winnebago Light Show”

Posted on May. 31, 2023 by Grace Olson

Leo Einer had just gotten done with work at 4:30 a.m. when he noticed a storm moving over Oshkosh. “I set my camera to manual, 8 seconds… (it was) captured at a boat landing just south of the yacht club.”

Seafood 101

“I need a Seafood 101 course on how to prepare it at home. I love it all but I’m afraid of overcooking shellfish. Any tips?” —Gwen, De Pere Fear of overcooking fish and shellfish is valid because most people overcook it! Since there is so little connective tissue in seafood, it is very easy to READ MORE

Kaliyah Mei Garania

Posted on May. 31, 2023 by Grace Olson

How do you describe your music? Acoustic, pop and indie. How long have you been a musician? Do you play instruments as well as sing? I’ve been a musician ever since I started piano lessons at the age of five. From there, I started picking up more instruments… I’ve been a percussionist in my middle READ MORE

“Chaotic Orderliness?”

Posted on May. 1, 2023 by Grace Olson

Catherine McKenzie was struck by “the colors and the order and the chaos of the display” at yarn store Casting On in downtown Appleton. 
“Orderly chaos? Chaotic orderliness? Either way, it’s something I’m drawn to, like a cottage garden or a farmers market,” she says. “Appleton is our adopted hometown and I enjoy taking photos READ MORE

Sauce: Before or After?

Q. “Are you supposed to use sauce before or after you grill chicken breasts? Or do you baste during the process?” —Brendan, Neenah A. Basting can be approached two different ways: to help retain moisture and to enhance the finished product. When basting to help retain moisture, basting can be done at any time after READ MORE

Mikayla Albrecht

Posted on May. 1, 2023 by Grace Olson

Art medium: I primarily paint in digital, watercolor and acrylic mediums. Were you always interested in following a creative path? Art and the creative process have always been an important part of my life, but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to pursue them professionally until late in high school. I grew up around people READ MORE