From the Publisher


Few jobs offer the ability to do good while attempting to do well. FOX CITIES Magazine has afforded Ruth Ann and me such an opportunity. A significant part of doing good comes from our ability to present to you our NOT TO BE MISSED event calendar. So it comes after the most careful consideration that READ MORE


If ever there was a time in American history when thinking adults and voters — terms which should be synonymous — need to take the time to read “The Federalist Papers,” that time is now. Written at our country’s founding by three of the greatest political thinkers in modern history, is a series of 85 READ MORE

Forever learning

My father, Frank Murphy, began first grade in 1917. In that year he entered County Line School near Isaar in Outagamie County. Across the road in Brown County at the time existed one of Wisconsin’s hundreds of local cheese factories where a couple of older boys were sent each morning for a pail of drinking READ MORE

Our own label

Our dining feature this month, “Uncorking a label,” brought to mind an occasion for our art director Jill Ziesemer and me, giving us firsthand experience in this artistic task. My grandfather, Samuel C. Nichols — a carpenter, wallpaper hanger and all around handyman — built a house in Racine where my family lived until I READ MORE