Archives: January 2024

“Icy Bago Morning”

Posted on Jan. 31, 2024 by Grace Olson

Sophia Stoltmann took this photo on Lake Winnebago during the annual Battle on Bago ice fishing tournament last February. “I took the photo at that time to remember the first morning of the battle,” she says. “And that moment, how the sun hit the ice while rising made the ice ripples look like small mountains READ MORE

Leeks, Shallots, Green Onions

Q. “What’s the difference between leeks, shallots and green onions? When do you use them?” —Joyce, Appleton A. Let’s start off by differentiating leeks, shallots and green onions. All of them are related as part of the lily family. Leeks look like large, overgrown green onions with a white end by the root and broad READ MORE

Ashley Mattek

Posted on Jan. 31, 2024 by Grace Olson

Art medium(s): I primarily use watercolor and ink for my small business, Ink + Splash. I consider myself having a type A personality who likes control in my everyday life, so using watercolor is a beautiful way for me to let go of control in a safe and creative space. How do you describe your READ MORE