Ashley Mattek

Art medium(s): I primarily use watercolor and ink for my small business, Ink + Splash. I consider myself having a type A personality who likes control in my everyday life, so using watercolor is a beautiful way for me to let go of control in a safe and creative space.

How do you describe your art? I would describe my art as bright, colorful, playful, child-like and whimsical.

Were you always interested in following a creative path? I have always been drawn to the arts. Growing up, I would sit in my bedroom for hours listening to music and drawing and painting. My dream job was to be a child therapist or an artist, and I am grateful that I’ve found a way to fulfill both of those dreams.

What does your “day-in-the-life” as an artist look like? Because I am also a full-time therapist, I have one day a week that is designated to creating. I am really intentional about how I use my energy that day. I focus on creating new art, coming up with new ideas and products in the morning because that is when I am most energized and inspired. As the day goes on, I transition to the production side of our business to give my creative brain a break. I’ve found that this intentional shift during the day preserves my creative energy and keeps my tank full.

Where do you get your creative inspiration? My style is really inspired by the work that I do as a pediatric mental health therapist. I integrate a lot of creativity and art into the work that I do with the kids that I see, and it’s through their eyes that I find inspiration. My husband Tyler is also a great source of inspiration. He has a great sense of humor and inspires a lot of my silly and “punny” designs.

Why do you love what you do? Being able to be both a therapist and an artist simultaneously has always been my dream. I have found that these two passions are interrelated and actually dependent on one another to make me feel whole as a person. Through starting Ink + Splash with my husband, we have been able to meet so many amazing small business owners and people in our community, which has been really fun and exciting.

Have you faced any challenges as an artist? I think there’s a lot of vulnerability in being an artist, which can be intimidating and scary at times. When I put my art out there, there’s always the risk that someone won’t like it. Yet I try to remind myself that it’s better to risk, fail and try again than to never try in the first place.

One thing that might surprise people about being an artist, in your opinion: Being an artist is not about just having “natural talent.” While some may be more inclined to art than others, there’s a lot of practice that goes into what we do. It’s fun looking back at some of my earliest work compared to now and seeing the growth over time—and that took time and practice!

Early bird or night owl? Early bird hands down. There is nothing better than waking up early with a cup of coffee and a pretty sunrise.

Favorite movie or book? I’ve really been into poetry lately, but also any book by Brene Brown.

Is the glass half full or half empty? Half full, I definitely try to see the positive in everything.

What makes you happiest: Making memories with my husband, twin 3 year olds and our doggie, cooking, kayaking, traveling and making my art for others to enjoy.

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