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Top 5 Must-Have Kitchen Staples

Q. Minus salt, pepper, oil and butter, what are your top five ingredients to keep in the kitchen? – Jerome, Appleton

A. I have considered several different angles to answer this question and have chosen to respond from one of versatility. To that end, here are my top five ingredients to keep on hand (in no particular order):   

Rice – a staple of many diets which is easy to cook, can keep you full and feeling satisfied for long periods of time, and can be prepared in many delicious ways.

Flour – many varieties available, a fundamental ingredient in so many things including baked goods, desserts, thickeners and coatings.

Eggs – one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen, very quick and easy to prepare, can be prepared in or out of its shell, and can be used as an ingredient in so many things including custards and emulsions. 

Cheese – an outstanding addition to many dishes, can be eaten directly as purchased, added to recipes as an ingredient or melted over the top to finish off a dish.  

Potatoes – tough to leave potatoes off the list as they are so versatile and can be prepared in hundreds of different ways.

Close, but did not make the top five are bacon, sausage, milk, onions and garlic. 


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