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Knife Skills

Q. I would like to improve my knife skills. Are there any online resources I could use or general tips to making more chef-like cuts? – Emily, Greenville

A. I did an internet search by keying in “knife skills” and was bombarded with both websites and videos on the subject so yes, there are many online resources available to you. My advice is to start with the three basic knives which include a wide-bladed 8”-10” chef knife, a 6” boning knife and a 3½” paring knife. You want to be sure that the knives have handles that fit your hand properly. A sharp knife is much safer than a dull knife, so keeping your knives sharp is very important. Since most people will use their dominant hand to hold the knife, the biggest piece of advice is to learn to curl up your non-dominant hand while cutting. While curled up, your non-dominant hand should hold the product as well as serve as a guide for your knife.  If you do this correctly and keep your fingers away from the blade, the opportunity to cut yourself will be greatly diminished. The use of a cut-resistant glove is also a very good idea. And finally, the key to mastering most things is to practice, practice, practice!   

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