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Danica Oudeans

Danica Oudeans is a contemporary artist and art educator who covers a lot of ground – not only in art media (she is well versed in everything from paint and pencil to ceramic and woodworking), but in geographical location as well. The new Appleton resident teaches art classes to students of all ages throughout Northeast Wisconsin.

Oudeans, who realized her love for art and creativity at a young age, says painting is her favorite medium to use for expression. “Painting for me is all about color,” Oudeans says. “It’s a way to really investigate color, how to technically work with it, how to make paints. Pushing the paint around on the canvas is a really lush experience for me.”

Born and raised in Green Bay, Oudeans attended the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and bounced between many different majors, including education, before she settled on studio art. “I loved all of my classes and so I couldn’t really decide because everything was of interest,” Oudeans says. “I think that’s one of the most interesting things with art is that you can bring any interest into it.”

After completing her undergraduate degree at UW-Green Bay, Oudeans finished her master’s degree at the Miami University of Ohio. It wasn’t until then that she started to market her work. “I didn’t want to worry about making a piece of artwork for somebody else,” Oudeans says. “I wanted to be making a piece of artwork that was intellectually engaging. So, in undergrad, I never tried to sell my work.”

Since then, Oudeans’s artwork has been displayed in many exhibitions and galleries. In 2018, she had two solo exhibitions in Manitowoc and De Pere, as well as two group exhibitions in Milwaukee and De Pere. Oudeans’s work has been exhibited across the country, including shows in Georgia, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado and more.

In 2018, Oudeans opened her own art studio in Green Bay, Danica’s Art Table, where she teaches students all forms of art including photography, drawing and painting. “It’s this idea that, as a student, no matter what age or level you’re at you can come to the table and learn something more about art,” Oudeans says.

Since her move from Green Bay, Oudeans is looking for students in the Appleton area to teach at her home studio.

Oudeans is currently working on a new project that she is hoping to release in the next year. “I’ve been doing a lot of gardening so I think that’s going to influence that,” she says. “I’ve also been really into the idea of process, so I’m working on a moving scroll right now that will tell the story or narrative of the process.”

Her upcoming solo exhibition will be on view at the art gallery of UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus in February and March of 2020.

To view more of Oudeans’s work and sign up for classes, visit
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