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Q. How can I make a beautiful charcuterie board like I see on Pinterest?  What types of items should I include and in what quantities?  – Chloe, Neenah

A. In my opinion, the four primary components of a perfect charcuterie board include cured meats, specialty cheeses, marinated vegetables and artisan crackers. Cured meats should be sliced thin and could include many different types of sausage like salami, pepperoni or cappicola; different types of hams including cured and smoked or dried like prosciutto; and other selections like smoked turkey or liver pate. Specialty cheeses should not be sliced thin and could include hard cheeses like parmesan or pecorino, semi-firm cheeses like a good aged cheddar or Swiss; and soft cheeses gorgonzola blue, Kaukauna cheese or goat cheese. Marinated vegetables could include many different items, but I am partial to a variety of black and green olives, pickles, peppers and mushrooms. Artisan crackers could include store bought or your own homemade creation. Different types of bread could be substituted for or added to your cracker selection. As for quantities, it really depends upon who is your demographic and also what time of day your charcuterie board will be served. Invite me – this is my favorite kind of nibblin’ food!

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