After School Snacks

Q.“I would love to give my kids homemade after school snacks, but I need to prepare them in advance to make it less stressful. Do you have any tried-and-true freezable snack ideas?” – Clare, Oshkosh

A. Some frozen snacks that your kids might enjoy include frozen fruit and yogurt cups that you could make yourself. Frozen fruits, such as grapes or frozen fruit popsicles made from pureed fruits, are also an easy and fun snack. My wife makes some tasty healthy frozen peanut butter balls that include chia seeds, oatmeal, raisins and chocolate chips. We make baked oatmeal that freezes and warms up very well. Another idea would include a breakfast twist such as breakfast wraps or English muffin sammiches with scrambled eggs, cheese and meat. Some not frozen snack ideas include making your own healthy homemade granola bars with a variety of dried fruits and nuts. Dippable snacks including homemade black bean and sweet corn salsa or fresh fruit salsa would be a healthy treat, depending on the dippers you choose. Both kinds of salsa should give you at least a few days of shelf life to help with your schedule. Ready-to-blend smoothies are another idea, provided your kids are ready for using a blender!

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