Cracking an Egg

A. “Any tips on how to crack an egg without breaking the yolk?” —Lisa, Appleton

Q. Because many applications require us to have an unbroken egg yolk, this is an important question. The first step is to make sure your eggs are cold, as warm egg yolks tend to break significantly easier than cold egg yolks. My advice would include using an edge on a bowl or pan that is a little on the thinner side. The thinner the edge, the easier it will be to execute a thinner break. Then make one swift, definitive movement intended to break the shell with one attempt, trying to crack at least 1/3 of the way through the shell. The egg white should be substantial enough inside the egg to protect the yolk from this initial crack. Once the eggshell is cracked, using both hands pry the eggshell apart, which should crack the rest of the shell. Make sure you are doing this over the bowl or pan where you want the egg to go. Stay as close to the pan or bowl as possible since the farther the distance that the egg will fall, the greater the likelihood that the yolk may break. Now let’s get cracking!

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