Brunch Cocktails

Q. I love mimosas, my boyfriend loves bloody marys. Are there other “brunch cocktails” that are easy to make at home? —Shelley, Little Chute

A. While brunch cocktails have been around for years, it seems they have accelerated in popularity in recent years. When considering a suitable cocktail to accompany your brunch, which most consider to be some type of combination of breakfast and lunch, the foods involved may help lead us. For example, sweeter brunch preparations like French toast, pancakes and breakfast muffins may be better suited to fruit juice preparations. While a mimosa is typically prepared by combining orange juice and champagne, both the orange juice and the champagne can be substituted. Consider a variety of other juices that could be used, including but not limited to, pineapple, cherry, apple, pear, grape, grapefruit, cranberry, pomegranate and others. The champagne could also be substituted with other alcohol beverages including vodka, tequila, gin, wine and even beer. Bloody marys are typically prepared by combining seasoned tomato juice with vodka. The types, varieties and spiciness of bloody marys are infinite, especially when it comes to garnishes ranging from modest to outrageous. Tomato juice is the universal base with an occasional exchange of tequila for the vodka resulting in a bloody maria.

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