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“Putting together shattered memories and putting them back into the painting – that’s the message I want to portray.”

Alejandro Scott Becerra’s abstract “fragmental expressionist” paintings compile tapestries of colorful squares containing images from human figures to faces to inspirational words. While some might point
to abstract art as obscure and hard to define, Becerra’s squares represent the ephemeral fragmented memories that tell his life story.

“Inside the squares [there are] other shapes, there’s a certain message that I want to send … that’s based on my background, feelings, spiritual things going on, those sort of things,” the Oshkosh resident says.

Becerra says in his painting process, memories are his muse. He begins by first choosing colors, then he lays his canvas on the floor and starts painting shapes to house each memory. Then, he remembers.

“I start making those squares, and thoughts start coming in. All of the sudden you get a memory, and Artist Spotlight headshotthen there’s more memories, and those feelings come to mind,” Becerra says. “At that point, I start filling those squares with the memories.”

In a figurative self-portrait, Becerra surrounds the image of his face with small images of rain, teardrops, pills, a stick figure bowing to another and a grave, all of which represent his memories after the death of a loved one and looking to God for support.

“I was communicating the death of my grandmother. There were tears, [I] was taking medication, asking God for guidance, going through a storm, writing my own story that only I could understand,” Becerra says, “and there was my paint brush and and the watchful eye of God to help me. Below the [medicinal] capsule and pill is … the resting place of my loved one.”

Art has always been a way for Becerra to share his stories, but he says his interest in painting went in full force after moving from California to the Fox Cities, where he found a valuable support network in the art community.

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“My art is at [Foxley’s Gallery in Appleton] right now, and there have been some great people that have helped me along the way,” Becerra says. “I am thankful I have found my support.”

Inspired by the local support and a desire to give back, Becerra opened Gallery ASB, a small art gallery in Oshkosh to showcase paintings from other local artists.

For Becerra, art is ultimately a way to share his experiences and inspire others.

“I’m trying to share my story to the world,” Becerra says, “and hopefully it helps inspire other people, awakens us [and] connects us all.”

To see more of Becerra’s art, visit his Facebook page, Fragmental Expressionist Painting. 

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