Nam Khao

Nam khao is enjoyed with friends and family and is typically eaten family-style. Courtesy of Basil Café Ingredients Serves approximately 5 people) Rice Balls: 3 cups of cooked jasmine rice 2 eggs 2 tablespoons red curry paste ½ teaspoons ground white pepper 1 teaspoons salt pinch of sugar 1 cup grated coconut 2 tablespoons finely READ MORE

Grass-Fed Beef Burgers

Hector Hernandez and Brian Shaw, sous chefs at Stone Arch Brewpub in Appleton, conceived this crowd-pleasing burger recipe as the perfect game day meal. They recommend pairing the burger with a Stone Arch Scottish Ale or Stone Arch root beer.

Chicken Carbonara

The grandmother of the Chef at Pullmans Restaurant use to make Chicken Carbonara for him, and he’s had a love for it ever since! Her recipe was a little more traditional using eggs and cream, but Chef has modified this recipe to be a bit more food allergy friendly. Serves 2-4 people. Pullmans’ website:

Balsamic Chicken

The flavor combinations in this dish are some of the favorites of the Chef at Pullmans Restaurant. Balsamic Chicken is his “go-to” meal for special occasions at home. Pullmans’ website:

Athenian Shrimp

Recipe courtesy of Owner Bill Neubert of Spats Food and Spirits, Appleton The Athenian Shrimp recipe I got when I worked at Karrass Restaurant in downtown Appleton (now the Apollon Restaurant). It was one of the dishes the owners Nick and George Karrass came up with and I tweaked it a little bit by adding READ MORE

Chef Jeff’s Zesty Tomato Cabbage Bonnets

Chef Jeff Igel is Program Director of Culinary Outreach at Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton and is a monthly contributor to our “Ask Chef Jeff” column. “Chef Jeff” has spent his entire career in the restaurant and hospitality industry, serving in many capacities. To read more from Chef Jeff, click here. Have a culinary question? READ MORE

Grilled Marinated Turkey Roast

Originally published in the August 2009 issue of FOX CITIES Magazine. “This is our personal sensation that we delight our friends & family with. We grow all the herbs used in the recipe ourselves. It smells just awesome while it’s cooking!” – Rick & Renee Brey, owners; Naut’s Landing, Menasha Submit your photo here.