Archives: June 2016

Intern Intro: Alex

Meet Alex, an editorial intern joining us for the summer.  Name: Alex Shahbazi Age: 20 Hometown: Marquette, MI School attending: Lawrence University, class of 2017 Tell us about your background: As the combination of a physics major and creative writing minor would suggest, I have a diverse set of interests as a result of my diverse background. READ MORE

Drawing You In, One Show at a Time

Standing proudly along the Fox River, perhaps you’ve noticed the gray, rectangular building on South Lawe Street with a sweeping white bird holding a pencil in its beak painted on its street side face. This building is called The Draw, and it’s a new event venue, gallery, collaboration place, and studio space in the Appleton READ MORE

A Summer of Stories

A few years ago, I was in the throes of the college-choosing process. Near one college I considered, there was a smallish bookstore, and almost every time my mom and I were visiting the school we would swing by. Usually I would enter looking for one specific book, but the shelves would inevitably pull me READ MORE