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Telling the New Histories: Shenandoah Books, Etc.

“The name ‘Shenandoah’ is my grandmother’s. She’s a medicine woman, and so then the name went from Scandoa to some form of Shenandoah, and then I’m Skenandore, now.” “So it even changed between you and your grandmother!” “Well, yeah, because the white people got involved. I call that the ‘whitenizing.’” I sit in Shenandoah Books, READ MORE

More Than A Book Store

As I wandered through The Book Store, an Appleton shop on Northland Avenue, I was reminded of a labyrinth. The bookshelves throughout the store weren’t set up in straight rows, but in perpendicular rows that created dead ends and nooks and crannies, each themed with one genre or another. Whether or not this was intentional, READ MORE

Pronouncing Wisconsin Names is Hard

Wisconsin native: “Pronounce that word.” (Waukesha) Me: “Wah-KEH-shu, wah-KEE-shu” Wisconsin native: *laughs* “Pronounce this word.” (Winneconne) Me: “Win-a-cone” Wisconsin native: *laughs* And so on… I can’t win. Being a linguistics major and not being from Wisconsin, this place is a pronunciation nightmare. I don’t dare visit Weyauwega. I clearly can’t go to Waukesha and don’t READ MORE

Learning the Land: Our Driving Force

Namesake of the Fox Cities, the Fox River has been the most influential natural factor in the human history of the area. A vestige of the glaciers that covered much of Wisconsin, the river provided the region with a means of transportation between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River system, as well as power READ MORE

Mile 4 Must-See Acts & Events

FCM staff members share the acts they won’t be missing at Mile 4. Jill Ziesemer, art director The Duo – Kyle Megna and Dave LeBlanc Because: Just great vocals, especially on acoustic numbers. And I like the hometown musicians.   J-Council Because: Did you hear that commercial John Wheelock did with Fox Communities Credit Union? He’s READ MORE

Learning the Land: A Professional Opinion

Marcia Bjornerud is a Professor of Geology and the Walter Shober Professor of Environmental Studies at Lawrence University in Appleton. She has been with the university since 1995, and has traveled the world studying geology. She gives us her views on geology in the Fox Cities area. First off, give me a little background on your past as READ MORE