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Taco Season

067-DINE-Taco-AntojitosAhi Tuna Taco

Antojitos Mexicanos, Appleton

Wine tasting flights are so 2010. Today it’s all about the taco flight and Antojitos Mexicanos features a flight of three new tacos each month. The June flight is made up of three open-faced tacos each on a crispy corn tortilla, similar to a tostada. The flight includes a seared ahi tuna taco, scallop taco and calamari taco. The seafood is cooked in a smoky chipotle sauce and topped with mango salsa, avocado, cilantro and spicy mayo. “We chose seafood options because it’s fresh and it hits the spot on summer days with a cold cerveza or a nice margarita,” says Manager Fernando Almanza.

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