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Taco Season

067-DINE-Taco-ZacatecasTemptation Taco

Zacatecas Mexican Grill & Tequila Lounge, Neenah

Tacos gets the gourmet treatment at Zacatecas and the special feature taco is a prime example. Its base is a handmade corn tortilla infused with cilantro and layered with a second “tortilla” made of grilled Chihuahua and Oaxaca cheeses. The star is shrimp that’s been marinated in mezcal tequila and grilled, nestled among grilled corn and zucchini. The taco is finished with fresh cilantro and avocado mousse. Co-owner Ernesto Padilla-Lopez says when it comes to devouring this work of art, there are no rules. “Eat it with your hands or a fork,” he says, “but the main thing is you need to enjoy it.”


Get your daily serving of fruits and veggies the fun way

Fruit: Veracruz Margarita

Solea Mexican Grill, Menasha, Neenah and Appleton

Fresh-squeezed lime juice, Grand Marnier orange liqueur and premium Milagro tequila create this margarita named for the hometown of Solea owner Eduardo Sanchez. The surprise ingredient is a splash of Dos Equis, a pilsner-style beer, which mellows the sourness of the citrus juice and creates a smoothness that is oh, so refreshing.

Veggie: Carrot Jalapeño Margarita

Osorio’s Latin Fusion, Appleton

Adventurous imbibers will adore this savory take on the margarita. Carrot-jalapeño puree is shaken with tequila and Osorio’s homemade lime mix for a fresh and fiery marg you will be craving all summer.

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