Taco Season

Six feats of taco engineering, perfect for scarfing down this summer

Photos by Courtney Martin 

Tacos are the ultimate summer food. They exemplify freshness. They satisfy without weighing you down. Not to mention, these hand-held portals of deliciousness make simultaneous walking and eating a real possibility – a must during summer festivals when you can’t slow down, even to take a bite. But one of the taco’s best attributes is its chameleon-like ability to suit almost any culinary situation. From traditional to trendy, the taco can be customized in countless ways. These six taco trailblazers show us their favorite interpretations.

067-DINE-Taco-DraftGarlic-Wine Lobster Taco

Draft Gastropub, Appleton

Summer and seafood go together like pools and pina coladas. Celebrate this culinary marriage with the seafood taco sampler debuting on Draft Gastropub’s menu this month. The trio includes a cajun salmon taco, a shrimp scampi taco and a garlic-wine lobster taco. All three are topped with chef-made poblano remoulade, carrot slaw and grilled mango chutney for that coveted balance of savory and sweet.

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