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Author: Alex Shahbazi

Q&A: Michel Padrón, Asere & Havana Cuba All-Stars

Padrón is the leader and musical director of Asere & Havana Cuba All-Stars, an amalgam of top Cuban musicians who will be performing at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton on November 1.  Asere & Havana Cuba All-Stars are made up of various musical artists. What was the inspiration behind bringing these musicians together? READ MORE

Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra turns 50

Fifty years ago, a group of teachers and students came together to form a community orchestra. Now, after a half-century of bringing classical music to the Fox Cities area, the Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra is set to celebrate its landmark anniversary in style. Esteemed guest artists Edgar Meyer, Eileen Ivers and the legendary Itzhak Perlman READ MORE

Learning the Land: Why it Matters

As we’ve seen in this blog series, learning about the geology of an area can reveal fascinating secrets and intricate associations between ancient processes and modern civilization. Not only that, it allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the world around us, and how billions of years of geologic change have shaped the planet READ MORE

Learning the Land: Our Driving Force

Namesake of the Fox Cities, the Fox River has been the most influential natural factor in the human history of the area. A vestige of the glaciers that covered much of Wisconsin, the river provided the region with a means of transportation between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River system, as well as power READ MORE

Learning the Land: A Professional Opinion

Marcia Bjornerud is a Professor of Geology and the Walter Shober Professor of Environmental Studies at Lawrence University in Appleton. She has been with the university since 1995, and has traveled the world studying geology. She gives us her views on geology in the Fox Cities area. First off, give me a little background on your past as READ MORE

Learning the Land: More Than Meets the Eye

As the adage goes, things are not always what they seem. While High Cliff State Park is a lovely place to boat, hike and camp, it holds within it fascinating insights into the forces that govern our planet. High Cliff is named for the protruding cliff of the Niagara Escarpment. Made of dolostone, a type READ MORE

Learning the Land: A Frozen Force

Have you ever wondered why the Fox Valley area is so flat, or why Lake Winnebago exists, or why the region has a large paper industry? Well, imagine masses of ice towering far above the tallest buildings and trees, slowly crawling across the land, scouring the earth beneath and leaving behind silt and clay in READ MORE

Learning the Land: A new blog series

Take a look around next time you’re out for a drive. Would you believe that what you’re seeing used to be a tropical sea? Or covered in ice sheets over 100 feet thick? That hill over there may be the remnants of an ancient volcano. The rocks beneath the road could be nearly 3 billion READ MORE

Intern Intro: Alex

Meet Alex, an editorial intern joining us for the summer.  Name: Alex Shahbazi Age: 20 Hometown: Marquette, MI School attending: Lawrence University, class of 2017 Tell us about your background: As the combination of a physics major and creative writing minor would suggest, I have a diverse set of interests as a result of my diverse background. READ MORE

Kayla C. Gerrits

Most people may think of video games as a fun way to pass time and get lost in stories, but for Appleton illustrator Kayla C. Gerrits, they fuel her artistic passion and desire. Gerrits is a digital artist with a diverse array of styles. Always eager to try out something new, her inspirations can range READ MORE