Q&A: Michel Padrón, Asere & Havana Cuba All-Stars

Padrón is the leader and musical director of Asere & Havana Cuba All-Stars, an amalgam of top Cuban musicians who will be performing at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center in Appleton on November 1. 

Asere & Havana Cuba All-Stars are made up of various musical artists. What was the inspiration behind bringing these musicians together?

Asere was formed in Havana, Cuba, in 1996 by several Cuban musicians who wanted to play traditional music. Many musicians have passed through Asere during all those years, but it is at this point when the band is taking another step forward. Asere & Havana Cuba All-Stars is a bunch of great musicians that I’ve met during my professional music career and that I am proud to be able to put together. This new group of artists is formed by Cubans living in Spain, the UK and some others that are still in Cuba. In this new project that we’ve been working on for two years, we want to take to the road again, but with something special – a new instrumental format with a larger band and some peculiar elements, like the addition of violins to the formation.

One of the ensemble’s goals is to promote Cuban music. How are you accomplishing that?


During these two decades of Asere, we’ve realized that in some ways with our work, from the moment when we choose the repertoire or arrange music to the innovative lyrics, this “traditional music with a twist” has been such a contribution to the development, global dissemination and enrichment of Antillean music in more than 20 countries. In this new stage, with the choirs, horns, rhythm section and vocal diversity of the three leading singers, we reach another level and keep contributing to this amazing music.

What can people expect at the show in Appleton? 

Havana Cuba All-Stars will bring the warmth of the Caribbean to the stage and, during almost two hours of music, people will feel as if they are in Cuba enjoying the best of our music, rhythms and grooves. They can also learn some Cuban dance moves with us! I can assure you that Appleton will have a great time with us. We are looking forward to being there!

Visit or call (920) 730-3760 for tickets.


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