Windy City intern transitions to Appleton

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Krystin Williams, a freshman at Lawrence University, plans to travel abroad to Italy or Costa Rica to study Communications. She is a current staff intern at FOX CITIES Magazine.

Hello! My name is Krystin Williams and I am a current intern at FOX CITIES Magazine. With all of the hustle and bustle of being an intern while also just being a freshman in college, let’s just say I don’t have much time to just sit down and tell people about myself, but now since I have the opportunity, let’s get started!

I was born and raised in Chicago where I live with my mother and older brother. You would think that transitioning from the Chicago wind would be a breeze here in Appleton, but I have not found that to be true yet.

As a freshman at Lawrence University, I have already planned out the rest of my years here, or at least attempted to. Currently, I am focusing on majoring in English and double minoring in Creative Writing and Ethnic Studies. About a year ago when I was filling out numerous college applications, I planned on majoring in Communications and Journalism, unfortunately Lawrence University did not offer my major. With years of future work, I will aid in creating a Journalism major at Lawrence University.


Krystin Williams

As I await for the major to be set in motion, I find enjoyment in being an intern at FOX CITIES Magazine, which provides me an outlet to do exactly what I love and aspire to do in the future as a possible career.

Next year, I will be traveling abroad in either Italy or Costa Rica where I will study Communications. To pass the time until my study abroad program, I participate in numerous activities on campus. I write for my school’s paper called, The Lawrentian, I am a member of the Black Student Union, a worker for the music studio on campus and I also am a dance member on a team at Lawrence University.

Although arriving at Lawrence University was a hard transition, especially because I have never been away from home before, my experience in Appleton has been life-changing. I have realized more about who I am and I am slowly moving closer and closer toward my dreams, hoping for many more years as a successful writer.


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