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Intern Intro: Alex

Meet Alex, an editorial intern joining us for the summer.  Name: Alex Shahbazi Age: 20 Hometown: Marquette, MI School attending: Lawrence University, class of 2017 Tell us about your background: As the combination of a physics major and creative writing minor would suggest, I have a diverse set of interests as a result of my diverse background. READ MORE

Fiber arts revival: Knitting circle provides outlet, college club nurtures learning

Once a month, a tight-knit (pun intended) group of Fox Valley women congregate at Appleton Public Library with needles, yarn, projects and creativity in tow. Knit2Together, a multigenerational knitting circle, founded in 2010, has remained a constant presence over the past half a decade, although newcomers are always welcome and encouraged. “The attendance has been READ MORE

Football coach takes his message beyond the field

Posted on Mar. 29, 2016 by Amy Hanson

Mark Speckman doesn’t let barriers block him. Instead, after being born without hands, he learned to adapt to the world that surrounded him. “I think people like a good story. … We haven’t really come that far from kindergarden. People like sitting on the rug and hearing a good story,” says Speckman who is the READ MORE

New intern surviving Wisconsin winter

Posted on Feb. 1, 2016 by Anh Ta

Hello! I’m Anh Ta, a sophomore at Lawrence University and a new intern at FOX CITIES Magazine. Born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam and, for five years, schooled in the sunny island of Singapore, I’m the girl who’s always cold with a bursting closet full of colorful scarves. Brought to Lawrence by a twist of READ MORE

Fall intern has whirlwind adventure abroad

Hello! My name is Amanda Bourbonais, I’m a senior English major at Lawrence University. I’ve been working as an editorial intern at FOX CITIES Magazine for about a month now. We’ve been so busy that I haven’t properly had time to introduce myself! So, what should you know about me? Let’s see. I’m originally from READ MORE