College student searches for ‘next step’


Sarah Perret-Goluboff, a junior at Lawrence University, is working toward a double degree in English and Classics. While she once thought she might be a pop star or paleontologist, she is currently interning at FOX CITIES Magazine.


Sarah Perret-Goluboff

Hello! My name is Sarah Perret-Goluboff and I’m one of the new winter interns for FOX CITIES Magazine. I thought I’d introduce myself so that you’d all know to keep an eye out for my future blog posts. I’m currently a junior at Lawrence University, the most recent on a long list of places I’ve been searching for something called, “the next step” — whatever that may be. 

Right now, I’m working toward a double degree in English and Classics. When you tell people you’re an English major, they tend to nod politely and ask what book you’re reading at the moment. When you tell people you’re a Classics major, they squint their eyes, tilt their heads to the right, and look at you like you might just be making up the whole concept. That look doesn’t tend to go away when you explain what being a Classics major actually entails. Basically, I study Latin and Ancient Greek and all of the things that go along with those two topics—namely, art, history and philosophy. Inevitably, this explanation warrants the question “Oh, so what are you planning on doing with that?” Of course, the answer is much simpler than it seems: I have no idea.

Sarah-picsIn the meantime, I’m doing everything I can to figure that out and answer the age old question of what I want to be when I grow up. Although for a long stint when I was in elementary school, I thought I’d be a pop star or a paleontologist, I outgrew those hypotheses by trial and error. Turns out, pop stars have too much glitter and paleontologists have too much dirt. So, through middle and high school, I searched for something inbetween those two options. I’ve worked in a restaurant, at a boutique in Chicago, as a bar back, a tutor, a secretary, and even in a phone bank chasing that illusive question of adulthood.

For now, this is what I know: I love words. I’ve always loved watching the way that people communicate and the intricacies of meaning within the words we speak. Studying the ancients has just reinforced this love and made me more and more aware of the origins of the things that we say. I’m happy to continue exploring this love as an intern for FOX CITIES Magazine.


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