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Author: Clare Bruning

Fiber arts revival: Knitting circle provides outlet, college club nurtures learning

Once a month, a tight-knit (pun intended) group of Fox Valley women congregate at Appleton Public Library with needles, yarn, projects and creativity in tow. Knit2Together, a multigenerational knitting circle, founded in 2010, has remained a constant presence over the past half a decade, although newcomers are always welcome and encouraged. “The attendance has been READ MORE

Avid runner also races through books

I’m Clare Bruning, born Clarissa, and I’ll be filling your computer screen and some pages of FOX CITIES Magazine with words about interesting things for the next few months. I’m an August baby a few months from my 21st birthday and one year from completing my undergraduate education at Lawrence University. I’m majoring in English READ MORE

Variety and vivacity

Whether depicting plants, animals, buildings or people, Kathryn Wedge’s paintbrush brings life that is at once soft and vibrant, representational and stylized, to the canvas. With an eclectic background ranging from architecture to graphic design, Wedge melds various influences into one distinct character through her painting. “I have been doing art since I was probably READ MORE

Kinetic art balances physics, fantasy

Balance. Motion. Energy. Wonder. These are the captivating elements of Dean Flaig’s dynamic mobiles and their stationary counterparts, stabiles. Flaig’s pieces range from abstract forms that utilize color and shape to figures that reference nature, wildlife and objects like sailboats. What most people don’t realize is the physics and engineering that go into creating a READ MORE

Feeding the Fox Valley

A brand-new, 40,000-square-foot warehouse in Little Chute is home to Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin’s new Fox Valley facility, a northern hub that is doing good work to end hunger in Wisconsin. Since its launch Nov. 1, the new space has been opening doors for more volunteer engagement, creative innovation and quality food for the community’s READ MORE

The Refuge engages in environment, music

Tucked into a tranquil, 10-acre green space along the Fox River is a hidden treasure called, The Refuge, home of Fox River Environmental Education Alliance. Formerly operated as the Monte Alverno Retreat and Spirituality Center, the property was acquired by Fox River Environmental Education Alliance early in 2014. The transition has now rounded the one READ MORE

Hanna to celebrate 20th anniversary Fenlon Lecture

In 1996, wildlife expert Jim Fowler addressed a crowd of 500 people in Lawrence University’s Stansbury Theater. Also in attendance were a llama, a snake and several other animals. This was the first Charlotte Bates Fenlon Memorial Lecture, and the series has grown in popularity in the 20 years since. “(Charlotte) was an early volunteer READ MORE