Avid runner also races through books


Clare Bruning is a staff intern for the summer at FOX CITIES Magazine. She also enjoys running.

I’m Clare Bruning, born Clarissa, and I’ll be filling your computer screen and some pages of FOX CITIES Magazine with words about interesting things for the next few months. I’m an August baby a few months from my 21st birthday and one year from completing my undergraduate education at Lawrence University. I’m majoring in English with a Creative Writing minor.

As someone who read approximately 4,000 pages for one English class this spring, I’m thrilled to have time to read for fun this summer! First on my list is a history/biography about Abraham Lincoln and his presidential cabinet called, “Team of Rivals.” My first fiction pick will be “Pride and Prejudice” since I just read some Austen for class and I figure it will ease the transition. My other alternative is Netflix. Lots and lots of Netflix.

Clare-headshotI come from a family of runners. My mom once ran a road race for three; she was quite pregnant with me and pushed my brother in a jogging stroller the whole way. I’m pretty sure she got a special award for that. I have been running competitively since I was about 10 years out of the womb. I was first part of the thundering herd in my hometown of Mondovi (home of the Buffaloes), a little town just south of Eau Claire (home of Bon Iver). I now represent the Lawrence Vikings on the cross country and track teams, competing year round.

Yes, I run outside in the winter. No, I don’t particularly enjoy it then. But I would definitely say I’m a winter person. I love everything about winter except for the outdoor running part. I’m happiest in a big sweater, a thick scarf and a pair of boots. I’m actually very sad it’s too warm to wear scarves in the summer. Scarves are kind of my trademark look. My collection is approaching 30 and I will always accept more. Did I mention my birthday is coming up?

Anyway, my first job ever was at a library and I would probably consider being a librarian forever. I love books. But my current career plans include a lot of graduate school, an eventual PhD and hopefully a professorship at a university where I can share my love of learning and help students reach their intellectual and educational goals.

Besides scarves, my other trademark look is what my coach calls “the very stylish bun.” It is a well-kept secret how long my hair actually is.

Look out for my name in print this summer, and for the bun bobbing around Appleton as I run many miles for cross country training. Please yield for pedestrians and refrain from yelling, “Run, Forrest, run!” (You’d be surprised how much this happens.) Actually, if you yell that I’ll assume you’re a FOX CITIES Magazine reader. Go ahead, I’ll wave.

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