EAA aerobics provide fun fitness opportunities at AirVenture


Aviation enthusiasts often walk several miles a day to experience everything AirVenture has to offer, but some look for a different kind of exercise during the week as well. Daily aerobics classes offer attendees a unique opportunity to start a fitness routine or continue to stay in shape.

“AirVenture appeals to a broad audience,” says Aerobics Chairman Michael Toft. “Obviously we all love the airplanes. But there are a lot of people with varied interests. There are seminars on camping. There are seminars on electronics. Fitness is important to everybody, so there’s something for that interest, too.”

Classes meet at 7 a.m. at the Theater In The Woods every morning except Wednesday, the day of the EAA general meeting. Workout instruction is designed to accommodate participants with or without exercise experience.

“During a class we keep it fairly basic, but we will have all kinds of modifications, so people that are more experienced can make sure and get a good workout,” explains Toft. “We have a lot of people that have never worked out and some that are instructors, so we have a really wide range of capabilities here.”

Every year features different kinds of classes, and this year Jered Koslowski and his wife Christine of Les Mills are leading a series of workouts at AirVenture. “We do Les Mills BODYATTACK,” says Koslowski. “It’s a high-low cardio for all ages and abilities.”

“We do step aerobics and we do core training that’s much more static,” adds Toft. “We use bands, body balls, balance boards and things like that to build core strength and balance. It’s a different workout each day. It’s very enjoyable!”

The aerobics classes at AirVenture welcome participants of all ages and skill levels — even if that means working out for the very first time. “That’s the nice thing about the classes here,” says Toft. “It’s a very simple way for people to get started in fitness. They don’t have to go to a health club, they don’t have to be hesitant because they’re not sure what it’s going to be like. We’ve had many people that have never worked out before come and actually start a workout program because of the activity here.”

Start your active day at AirVenture with some physical activity at the Theater In The Woods. As Toft assures, “Everybody is invited, and they will be successful!”

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