Johnsonville Marketplace Opens to the Public Stocked with Sausage and Swag

A shopping mecca of sausage showcases the company’s
products, people and 75-year history

The Johnsonville Marketplace – a retail store showcasing the company’s products, people and history – opens in timing with Johnsonville’s 75th anniversary. The destination shopping experience is the only place that sells all 70+ Johnsonville U.S. retail products. Johnsonville Marketplace, located across the street from corporate headquarters in rural Sheboygan Falls, is now open daily to the public and Johnsonville Members (employees).

From sausage to swag, the 3,200 square-foot store features a variety of unique Johnsonville-made and company-branded products from brats to buns and beanies to bibs. Being the number-one national sausage brand in America, sausage is prominently displayed on “The Sausage Wall.” The dozens of sausage varieties and other signature meat products are displayed in the expansive refrigerated and freezer sections. The selections include Italian sausage, smoke-cooked links, breakfast sausage, summer sausage, meatballs, brats and much more. While not an ‘outlet’ store, all Johnsonville products are priced comparatively to the products its retail customers sell. What makes this company retail store unique is that all the SKUs the company makes in the U.S. are featured here, including several other regional, spiced and smoked sausage products often not sold by Midwest retailers.

“We are thrilled that visitors will be able to see the wide range of sausage we make, many of which may not be available to them in their local stores,” Shelly Stayer, Johnsonville owner and company board chair, said in a press release.

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