Exhibit Focus: Animals Through Time

Cave Bear skull from the Ice age of Europe. Courtesy of the Weis Earth Science Museum.

The Weis Earth Science Museum, located on the campus of UWO Fox Cities in Menasha, is debuting a new temporary exhibit featuring over 100 authentic fossils telling the story of how animals have changed through geologic time. 

Animals Through Time, featuring the Bruce Danz Collection, will showcase stunning fossils from all over the world including the oldest animal fossils on earth, dinosaurs and the first birds, and Ice Age giants. Visitors will see a real cave bear skeleton, the world’s largest animal tooth and many specimens found nowhere else in the state. 

Hoplophoneus skull, a false-sabertooth cat from Badlands of N. America. Courtesy of the Weis Earth Science Museum.

The Weis Museum, which is temporarily closed due to the pandemic, has a tentative reopening date of February 1. 

“I’m excited to not only reopen, but to reopen with something really cool,” says Museum Director Dr. Joseph Frederickson. “Having to close because of the pandemic gave us the opportunity to put this exhibit together.” 

A majority of the artifacts come from the Bruce Danz Collection on loan from the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region. Frederickson says the new exhibit pulls the artifacts together in a complete narrative of animal history and will include many items previously unseen by the public. 

“It’s a really important message about our connection to the rest of animal life,” he says. “Not just in the past, but what can happen in the future due to climate change and our impact on living creatures on this planet.”

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