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Posted on June 17, 2019 by Jacob Biese

Life with anxiety, simply put, is not a life of ease. There is endless beauty in this world; however our personal fears can withhold us from acknowledging them. These fears can lead to isolationism, regardless that it is essential that we gain new perspectives and form meaningful relationships. Our soul is not meant for self-service, rather to serve and care for others. That is why it is a must to create a community built upon communion, but first it begins with us!

Simply put, the goal is this: accept life as it is, create a refreshing environment, engage with those around us and explore the beauty of real relationships and nature have to offer. We all have beauty inside ourselves and we shouldn’t hide it. Rather we should take it and share it with those around us. We must inspire each other to join together and create a safe, beautiful and clean community. The Fox Cities offers so much opportunity and is a great place to harbor a peaceful life. But it starts us, we must be willing to reach out to others and bring communion into our community.

Before taking action, mental direction is required. Mental preparation is a must, but how? First, let’s take a deep breath and exhale the worries of the past and expectations we have for the future. We shouldn’t let our current thoughts, our conscious mind, be cluttered with things of which we do not have control. Good thing in the Fox Cities there are many organizations, like Empower Yoga (and many other yoga studios) and Lutheran Social Services, that have become aware of the necessity of mindfulness training. Otherwise, a good walk on Newberry Trail and contemplating will do!

Another one of the best recommendations for anyone who hopes to start anew: redecorate, renew and refresh your place of comfort. Whether it be moving your bed to a different side of the room, painting your walls, sort through your stuff and keep what you need and openly donate (or gift friends) what you can. Every room matters! Make a room a sanctuary, another room for guests, and so on; make sure the atmosphere in each room serves a purpose. Make it personal (don’t just use Pinterest), original and inviting.

If we’ve got these two steps down, we’ve made great progress! Now let us reach out to those people who are closest to us and plan a gathering of some sort. A day spent wandering Plamann Park is always nice. Bring some swimming gear to check out their man-made pond, check out their miniature petting zoo in the back corner of the park, bring some frisbee’s for disk golf and a picnic to enjoy the scenery.

This may seem to be much, but we should always be willing to show our appreciation for those we care for. If we can’t do this much, we should at least shoot them a text, give them a call, buy them a piece of candy, or take them out to dinner. Whether it be to Victoria’s Italian Cuisine (a 25-year-old classic in Appleton), Machine Shed (a place of country comfort), or Rye Restaurant (an upscale place to enjoy fine dining). Any act of kindness is really worth its weight in gold and we mustn’t forget that.

The society you live in plays a big role in how a community is formed, and the Fox Cities does a fantastic role in bringing everyone together. A favorite of mine would be attending the farmers market in Appleton on Saturdays and just relaxing, strolling around, meeting new people, and enjoying different types of food. Like the falafel, I can always have me some good falafel.

The Fox Cities’ 25 parks can serve as great places to do many things, you just have to be a little creative. Whether you are going for a picnic, disk golfing, casual nature observing, or playing some sports, the Fox Cities will have a place for you. Some of my personal favorites are Memorial Park in Appleton, Riverside Park in Neenah, Plamann Park in Appleton, Lions Park in Greenville, and Telulah Park in Appleton. It’s always a great idea to plan a visit to the local farmers market, grab an assortment of fresh produce and cooked foods, and plan a picnic at one of the parks.

The Fox Cities is a beautiful community that aspires to build communion. With the various farmers markets and parks, there is great opportunity for people to spend time with friends or alone. This area of the world is great to live a beautiful life and create a space a peace. In which ways do you believe the Fox Cities helps us build a peaceful life?

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