Intern Intro: Michaela

Name: Michaela Branagan
Age: 25    michaela photo
Hometown: Appleton
Tell us about your background: I’ve lived in Appleton since birth and graduated from Appleton West High School. After high school, I attended the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley for a few years and am just short of receiving my associate degree. While I was at UW-Fox, I reported for and eventually became copy editor of the Fox Journal, their student-run newspaper. It was such a great learning experience for me as a writer, and so much fun. Also while at UW-Fox, I earned two scholarships, one for journalism and one for an essay I wrote titled “My College Experience.” I like to write because it comes so naturally for me. Ever since I took my first English class in college, I knew I was meant to be a writer. I have wanted to write for FCM for awhile now, and I am ecstatic I have the opportunity to learn and grow as a writer with the publication and the help of its staff.

Why did you want to be an intern at FCM? I wanted to be an intern at FCM because I think it’s a great publication. I like the format of FCM, how there is a website with a blog, as well as print copies every month. I like that it centers on celebrating the Fox Cities, and brings awareness about all there is to do and all there is great about the area. I wanted to intern for FCM because I’d like to get more journalism experience in the real world, as well as improve my writing and interviewing skills.

What’s your favorite thing about the Fox Cities? My favorite thing about the Fox Cities is all of the nature preserves and beautiful places to walk around or hike. Also, I love the fact that more arts, culture and music are being brought to the Fox Cities. I think it is definitely expanding in that department.

The last book you read: “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. It is about living in the present moment and disconnecting yourself from thoughts about the past or future, and how that is beneficial for your overall well-being.

Last movie you watched: American Made.

Any hidden talents? I like to sing. I’ve always enjoyed music. Only recently have I dared do karaoke or sing in front of anyone, but it’s always something that’s been apart of me.

What can’t you live without? I can’t live without my friends and family, music, animals, writing or nature.

What’s the biggest risk you ever took? I’m not sure if I can pinpoint the greatest risk I ever took, but one large risk I took a few summers ago was when I moved to Minneapolis and tried to find writing jobs without a full college education. I’m only halfway through school, and most freelance writing positions require a bachelor’s degree. I ended up working at a pretzel stand in a mall, and needless to say it didn’t pan out. I moved home at the end of the summer. However, it was a great learning experience and a really fun time living outside of Appleton.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Ironically, the best advice I’ve ever received came in part from the last book I read. It is to live in the present. You can’t change the past and you can’t predict the future. You can only plan for the future and learn from the past, so the best thing to do is be present in everything you do, and you will go far.

Describe your perfect Saturday: My perfect Saturday would be having no obligations so I can just relax and do whatever I want to do.

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