Food for the Tummy: Brewed Awakenings

348sI tend to come across more and more vegans and vegetarians each day. I had a stint in 9th grade where I tried to go vegetarian. It turns out I am way too picky of an eater to commit to that lifestyle, seeing as meat is my main source of protein. But as I got older and met more people who are passionate about their eating lifestyles, I became curious about it once again.

This led me to Brewed Awakenings in Appleton. I talked to Tara Thompson, the coffee shop’s manager, about their impressive menu. “We have always had a vegan and vegetarian-friendly menu,” she says. “It started out modestly, but now we have about 15 different options on the menu.”

Thompson also explained how all of the baking is in house with all natural ingredients. The homemade sauces are double checked to ensure they are 100 percent vegan friendly. The bakery also ensures its ingredients are all natural; the vegan muffin is a crowd favorite. Other healthy options on the menu include unique burgers. “We actually have vegan burgers. They are the Black Bean Burger, the Walnut Burger, and the Garbanzo Burger.”


I am not a burger person at all, but the Walnut Burger looked absolutely enticing. Thompson agrees that it is her favorite burger. “It’s the homemade spicy ketchup we put on it. It makes all the difference because you would think a walnut burger would be sweet; the ketchup gives it a certain kick.” It’s the kicks like spicy ketchup that make Brewed Awakenings a great place for any omnivore to take a walk on the vegan side.

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