All-Women Art Show Opens at Feather and Bone Gallery


“They Might Have Guns, But We Have Flowers,” an all-women art exhibit, will open at The Feather and Bone Gallery inside The Draw on November 8. The exhibit will showcase works from local female artists comparing love and nature against man-made guns and war.


Collage art created by Carissa Sosnowski, one of the artists exhibiting work in the show.

Appleton painter and show curator Abigale Veith was inspired by a video taken after the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks. In the video, a father tells his son not to fear terrorism because “we have flowers,” which represent the power of love over fear.

“The main idea of this show is to promote peace and nature verses terror and violence,” Veith says. “I wanted a women’s show to drive the concepts of love and regrowth that we desperately need in this time of war.”


Painting by Katherine Meulemans, another exhibitor in the show.

Veith says the show will celebrate the often undervalued strength found in themes of femininity, nature and love.

“A woman’s body can create and carry new life. I want [this show] to push that meaning even further,” she says.

An opening event is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8 from 6-9 p.m. The show closes on November 23.

Visit the show’s Facebook event page for more information.

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