Some fun facts and/or weird quirks of a new intern


Hello, citizens of the Fox Valley and beyond! I’m currently one of four new interns here at FOX CITIES Magazine. Throughout the years I’ve been given way too many nicknames, but my legal name is Kristina Verhasselt. I graced the world with my presence on Aug. 11, 1995, and I’m not getting any younger. Be sure to look out for some sentences written by me in the coming issues, they should be interesting.

Kristina Verhasselt

Kristina Verhasselt

Some hobbies of mine include smelling candles, listening to Jimmy Buffett songs multiple times on repeat and collecting Hawaiian shirts. My shirt count is up to 12 as of February. Although that might not sound like a very impressive feat, I can assure you, I have the most unique Hawaiian shirts in the entire Fox Valley. There is one crucial secret to finding the best Hawaiian shirt: time. After spending hours on end sifting through clothing racks at various thrift shops, I usually find at least one funky shirt worth buying.

I also, not-so-secretly, love taking those awful reddit quizzes about “which Disney princess is most like me.” If there are any other Pocahontases out there, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!

West Ottawa High School in Holland, Mich. is where I spent my time prior to attending Lawrence University. In high school, I divided that time primarily between the art studio and the theater department. The majority of art I create is 2D – lots of pencil drawings of people’s faces, occasionally a tree, maybe some food if I’m feeling risky.

My ideal dream job has varied quite a bit through the years, ranging from owning a doughnut shop to working on the entertainment staff at a resort in the Caribbean. Since I started at Lawrence University, the dream has changed a fair amount. After graduating, I hope to attend grad school to study archaeology, and eventually land an awesome job that has constantly changing scenery and lets me dig up cool things. However, if I end up working at a museum in Europe, I won’t be too disappointed either. Essentially, I just want to see as much of the world as I can, because like I said, I’m not getting any younger.

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