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Posted on July 1, 2019 by Jacob Biese

Sand, water, sun – nothing screams “summer” more than a lazy day at the beach. If you’re looking for a day of family fun in the sun, these nearby hotspots are for you. 

Neshotah Beach, Two Rivers

Neshotah Beach is a must for the activity-loving adventure seeker. This beautiful 50-acre sand beach borders Lake Michigan in the city of Two Rivers and is acclaimed for its spectacular sunsets and nice surf. The beach itself has an assortment of volleyball and basketball courts, as well as some great picnic areas, a playground, walking trails and horseshoe pits. The is also a jet ski launch, so don’t be afraid to catch some waves! (You know you’ve never seen anyone unhappy on a jet ski.) This beach provides great opportunities for families to get together and plan a memorable excursion. Whether it be staying for the day or the weekend, you can surely fill your time up with many leisurely activities as well as thrilling ones. 

Templeton Beach & The Rope, Fremont

This is a unique destination for those who seek privacy and the serenity of nature. The Rope (locally known as Nipple Beach) and Templeton Beach are renowned for their communal intimacy, where boaters from all around bring their families to enjoy a day on the water. These beaches are located right off of the Wolf River; tucked away from the general public. Andy Parry, owner of the waterfront resort, Pine Grove Fremont, provided the inside scoop. As Parry puts it, The Rope is “a neat place to stand in the sand. This beach is the turnaround point for the bigger boaters.” This allows for a much more intimate escape. If you’re searching for social camaraderie between fellow boaters, this is the place to find yourself. Templeton Beach is a gorgeous 100-150-foot-long beach that is closer to Fremont and busier than The Rope. Many people actually go to check out the “boat parade,” or the never-ending series of boats that pass up and down the river. These beaches hardly can be summed up with words, it is something that you must experience to understand.

Whitefish Dunes State Park, Door County 

If you’re planning on dropping into Door County anytime this summer, Whitefish Dunes State Park has a lot to offer. Located about 10 miles northeast of Sturgeon Bay, this large crescent-shaped beach is great for walking and hiking, swimming, picnics, and really whatever you want to do outdoors. This beach has many paths to walk with varying degrees of difficulty; whether it be through the sand dunes, along the limestone cliffs, or navigating the Old Baldy trail. This beach is the place to just relax in the summer sun, take a dip, walk around, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Before planning an outing, check the Wisconsin DNR website ( to see which beach and access points are currently accessible to the public.

Point Beach, Two Rivers 

Point Beach is a great spot to catch some rays and to see some Wisconsin history. Feel free to bring your camping gear, fishing rods and swimming suits to enjoy this forested coastal area of Wisconsin. During the summer, bikes are available for rent and can be used on many nearby trails such as the Ridges Trail or limestone-packed Rawley Point Trail. If you’re looking to relax, not a problem. Sit back and fill up on sandwiches, soups and salads at Kurtz’s Pub and Deli, a Two-Rivers staple since 1904. Feel free to just walk around and indulge in some aimless beach-combing. A great place to visit would be the 113-foot-tall red-roofed lighthouse constructed in 1894 or one of the many Lake Michigan shipwrecks. Emily Gleaser, visitor services associate for the DNR says, “although water levels have risen in the area there are still visible shipwrecks, at this time of year there is at least one that is visible.” 

Kohler-Andrae State Park, Sheboygan 

Kohler-Andrae State Park is a beautiful location on the shores of Lake Michigan. This park has 2.5 miles of sandy beach, 135 family campsites nearby and many winding trails crossing over large sand dunes. The 2-mile Dunes Cordwalk runs parallel to the Lake Michigan shoreline and offers a moderately challenging hike. Those who attempt it will be rewarded by seeing active and stabilized sand dunes, inter-dunal wetlands and a dry-mesic white pine forest. Birdwatching is a popular activity at this park as more than 150 species live in or migrate through Kohler-Andrae. Summer isn’t the only time to hit the beach – the lakeshore of Lake Michigan acts as a migration corridor for birds during the spring and fall. If it’s too cold to swim, grab your binoculars instead. 

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