Veggie Delight(s)

Posted on July 31, 2023 by Grace Olson

Cauliflower, Carrots and More Take Center Stage

Remember when you dined at a restaurant and got your nutrients from the salad starter? Or a vegetable’s purpose was to simply fill the plate alongside meat?

It’s simply no longer the case. Restaurants are making vegetables the star in their own right.

From cauliflower and carrots to brussels sprouts and beets, you don’t have to be a vegetarian to opt for these delicious, nutritious (kind of) unique dishes:


At Ellinor in Appleton: “Roasted Cauliflower”
Wood-fired roasted cauliflower with applewood smoked Neuske’s bacon, diced medjool dates, toasted Marcona almonds, local ramps, house made chili oil.

“People love them because of the unique combination of spring flavors, but also the familiarity of the cauliflower itself,” Adam Marty, Chef/Owner, says. “We combine different seasonal flavors and textures to create dishes that are unique, intriguing and delicious.”




At Field & Fire in Greenville: “Snap Peas” + “Carrots”

Snap Peas: Lightly charred sugar snap peas tossed with caramelized soy sauce, garnished with a salad of pickled carrot and daikon finished with crushed peanuts. 

Carrots: Heirloom roasted carrots tossed in berbere, finished with lightly whipped mint scented buttermilk. 

“Our intention is to never cover the flavors; rather to allow them to be front and center with a positive supporting cast,” Chef Ryan says. “We believe our guests deserve an opportunity to have fresh food made with a respectful attitude towards the ingredients.”



At Lost Key Tap in Wrightstown: “Let the Beet Drop”
Roasted beets, arugula, citrus vinaigrette, honey roasted beet goat cheese puree.

Our beet salad has a combination of savory and sweet that makes you come back for more,” Executive Chef Curt Lambert says. “The inviting colors drag you in and the citrus, sweet, flavors keep you enjoying bite after bite. We put a lot of thought and effort into making all the different components of this salad. The honey, beet, and goat cheese puree mixes perfectly with our house made citrus vinaigrette and the arugula adds the final touch to make this a refreshing and very delicious salad.”



At SPATS in Appleton: “Roasted Brussels Sprouts”
Deep roasted Brussels/bacon lardon/garlic confit/blue cheese/candied pecans/balsamic.

“Vegan or carnivore, these sprouts check all the boxes,” Owner Nick Kapheim says. “Savory, crispy, and a little sweet you can’t go wrong. Once you have one you can’t stop! People love them because it’s a different way to eat a boring vegetable… they deserve a spot on our menu because they are a great alternative to your typical starters.”




At Wilders Cutting Edge Bistro: “Fried Okra” + “Breaded Avocado”
Fried Okra: Fresh cut and cornmeal breaded okra served with a side of Creole Ranch Aioli. The popcorn of the South!

Breaded Avocado: One bite and you will be obsessed. Creamy seasoned avocados encrusted by a light and crunchy crust. Served with signature Cilantro Lime Ranch.

“Mississippi family roots (meet) the Fox Valley with Wilder’s Bistro’s authentic fried okra,” Owners Terrance Wilder and Judy Odle say. “It’s a great addition to our ‘Comfort Foods’ section of our menu. (We) pride ourselves pushing the boundaries and doing things a bit differently than other establishments. Our breaded avocado is Wilder’s signature dish that you will not find anywhere else.”

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