People, Places & Things: Our 12th annual photo contest


“Lawrence Memorial Chapel Sunset”

Hongwu Zhao, Neenah

Photographer Hongwu Zhao took this grand prize-winning image of Lawrence University Memorial Chapel last July just as the summer sun was beginning to set. “The beautiful Lawrence Chapel was standing there quietly against this glowing colorful background,” Zhao says. “It was magnificent scenery and a magical moment.” Zhao set up his camera on a tripod and took the photo with a wide angle lens to capture the nearby maple tree branches in the foreground. Zhao says he has been captivated by the chapel since the day he saw it. “When I first saw Lawrence Chapel, I was so obsessed with this piece of architectural art,” he says. “I often go there to listen to the concerts performed by the professors and students of Lawrence University. It is a place where people of the Fox Cities can both appreciate the architecture and music.” The judges agreed that while the chapel is a common subject of local photographers, Zhao was able to portray it in a unique way. “The Lawrence University Chapel is an iconic image from the area, but this offers a different perspective on it,” said Smith, noting the diagonal camera angle.

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